Three ways to bond with your team

Forbes ‘The Most Popular Employee Perks’ list may be slightly out of reach, but there are still things you can do together as a team to raise spirits, get to know each other and make your practice a happy place. You’re working long hours providing the best care for your patients, but sometimes it might be worth spending a little TLC on yourself! Here are three great ways to bond with your team outside the practice.


Communal breakfast

With around two thirds of the population skipping breakfast, why not ensure you have a healthy start to the day and eat breakfast together? Companies like Morrisons and Dropbox have begun the trend of offering their employees breakfast as a perk. Not only does it encourage their employees to get to work earlier, it also provides the opportunity to mix and socialise with colleagues. It’s a good way to start the day in a positive mood and spark conversation other than work.

You could even make it a monthly or weekly get-together by heading to your local café – perhaps team it with a staff meeting as well? Look into a special working lunch or breakfast deal if it becomes a regular occurrence. This way no one has to take a huge chunk out of your free time – or your wallet!


Annual team day out

Pick a quieter time of year and choose a day out activity for you and your team. Event planning company Chillisauce, for example, specialises in great ideas for events and team days out, from cocktail making classes to a Bear Grylls Survival Academy. Choose something that suits the whole team and that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are some ideas:

  • Summer barbecue at yours or a team members house
  • Go-karting
  • Escape rooms
  • Comedy club
  • Volunteer in your local community


Go to a seminar together

Staff training is a necessity but it doesn’t need to be boring. Seminars or exhibitions are a great way to network but also can be used to bond with your team. By discovering all the latest techniques and innovations together, you are having a shared experience and all the relevant stakeholders are engaged. Any attempt to implement something new back at the practice is far more likely to be more successful if everyone has had the same first-hand understanding.

Bringing a few of your team mates and colleagues along with you also means you can avoid a lonely lunch. The breaks offer a great opportunity to network, but being on your own at a seminar that lasts all day can be daunting. The lectures should be highly engaging, but you may enjoy them more if you have someone familiar sitting next to you. Afterwards you can then discuss the lecture and what you have learned, potentially taking away more than you would have otherwise.



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